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Safety and Security Policy

May 08, 2023

Safety and Security Policy


Thank you so much for your continuous support and contributions.
As Kyoto Century Hotel prioritizes the safety and health of our valued
guests and employees, we are implementing these measures following our ‘Safety and
Security Policy’ shown below to allow our guests to use the facilities. We all appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


Specific In-house Measures

1. Positioning disinfectants
We are making the utmost effort to improve the sanitary environment for your
comfortable stay by providing disinfectant products in various spots at the hotel.

2. Enforcement of regular disinfection system
We are thoroughly disinfecting highly-touched items in common areas, such as public
areas, guest rooms, restaurants, banquet halls, bathroom doors, etc.
This includes elevator buttons, doorknobs, switches, chairs, tables, remote controls,
electric pots, telephones, dryers, microphones, etc.


Preventative actions for hotel employees

1. Physical condition check at the door
We thoroughly monitor employees’ temperature and hand hygiene at the employee
entrance. Those who have a fever of 37.5 degrees or more or who do not feel well are not
allowed to enter. Instead, they are directed to stay at home and rest.

2. Individual hygiene management while on duty
We encourage employees’ frequent hand washing, hand disinfection, and gargling.

3. Positioning of disinfectants in background areas.
Disinfectant products are positioned at office exits and staff bathrooms to ensure that
employees practice good hand hygiene.

4. Self-managing protocol for sick employees
Employees need to follow behavior standards when sick. We are implementing systems to
monitor their health conditions.

Regarding the wearing of masks by employees, we will decide to put on and take off at the discretion of each employee based on government guidelines.
Kyoto Century Hotel is taking all possible measures to welcome our
valued guests in the best and safest condition, therefor, should any of the measures change,
your understanding and cooperation would be highly appreciated. Thank you for your support.

General Manager